Creative Dining Washington DC

Creative Dining Washington DC

Washington D.C. is known for its history and its landmarks, but it is also known to its citizens as a city full of unique and quality restaurants. These establishments offer food at a variety of price points and a range of styles, from local to international, from casual to extravagant. The best of these restaurants strive to offer more than food, using atmosphere and presentation to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.


The Mediterranean Sea was, historically, the single most important trade route in Europe, and cultures that sprouted along its shores benefited from the freely flowing stream of ideas and ingredients. The cuisines of Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and many other nations were shaped by abundance and creativity, forces which gave rise to what are still some of the most important dishes enjoyed today. Ambar captures the rustic charm that pervaded the Mediterranean in days when pizza and pita bread were still young inventions, and takes customers back to the days of Troy. Fig & Olive Washington DC celebrates the one ingredient at the heart of Greece: olive oil. Different flavors of olive oil are used to make every dish its own unique world of flavor.


Asian food has become wildly popular in the West, and sushi bars and Chinese take-out are common across America. Those looking for a slightly more upscale, and slightly more authentic, Asian experience will be delighted by the selection that the capital has to offer. Thai X-ing, on top of its delicious Thai food, also offers a one-of-a-kind environment designed to give customers the experience of eating in a Thai home rather than at a restaurant. Daikaya’s Ramen Shop does indeed sell ramen on the first floor, but on the floor above is a full-scale, authentic Japanese restaurant.


Sometimes fun can be better than fancy, and no place delivers on the fun like H Street Country Club. This popular Mexican restaurant comes equipped with skeeball, mini golf, shuffleboard, and, of course, a margarita maker. Ben’s Chili Bowl is as casual as it gets, offering chili dogs, milkshakes, and the like, but the location’s staggering popularity over the past five decades pays homage to just how great such simple fare can be. Busboys and Poets is an experiment of an establishment which combines restaurant, bookstore, lounge, and theater. The business makes a habit of hosting live music and a variety of events and has a menu offering many kinds of international dishes.


CoCo Sala offers a fair selection of meals and drinks, but what it is really known for are its incredible desserts. Minibar by Jose Andres offers up truly creative cuisine, mixing science, cooking, and art and coming up with something else entirely. Popular dishes include the edible rubber ducky and the black garlic leaves, which are served in a genuine piece of rain gutter. Rose’s Luxury serves tapas and desserts of exceedingly high quality, attracting lines of eager customers every night due to the fact that it does not take reservations.

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