What are Lymph Nodes in Neck and Why Do They Swell at Times?

What are Lymph Nodes in Neck and Why Do They Swell at Times?

Lymph nodes in neck aren’t the only lymph nodes in the body.  Actually, lymph nodes are everywhere.   Their main job is to trap and filter foreign substances which get into the body so you won’t get sick.  Having said that, you can gather that lymph nodes are a vital part of the body’s immune system.  They contain your biological soldiers—the white blood cells.

The biggest clusters of lymph nodes are found in the groin, armpit, and neck.  The collective term for the ones found in the neck is cervical lymph nodes and they can swell for different reasons.  With that being said, bulging nodules in your neck is not supposed to make you conclude lymph nodes cancer, and a cancer centre like Cancer Treatment Mexico (https://www.cancertreatmentmexico.com/) will most likely diagnose that, because really, doing so will just bring you unnecessary stress.

Now, let’s move to the possible causes why cervical lymph nodes swell.

Basically, common ailments like sore throat, colds, tonsillitis, strep throat, and tuberculosis can trigger the condition.  Some bacterial and viral infections may also contribute to it too.  For example, of you have toxoplasmosis, pertonsillar abscess, or rubella, your lymph nodes in neck can engorge.  Epiglottitis, the inflammation of the flap at the base of the tongue, can also prompt the swelling. But the non-cancerous causes do not end here.   There’s more.

You see, swelling of the cervical lymph nodes may also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s.  For instance, people with syphilis, HIV, and AIDS can have the disorder.  Infections like ear infection, acne, impetigo (contagious skin infection), gum disease, and sinus problems can also trigger the problem.

As for cancers, some of them can also have swollen nodes as symptoms.  For instance, lymphoma, mouth cancer, larynx cancer, leukemia, and Hodgkin’s disease may all be the reason of the inflamed lymph nodes.

You will know when your neck lymph nodes are swelling when some nodules start bulging around your ears, under your chin, or the upper part of the neck.  They may not exactly be painful but knowing they’re there can be a bit alarming.  The skin over the area may also appear red.

The treatment of inflamed lymph nodes in neck will vary depending on the cause of the disorder.  Say, if the cause of the swelling is an infection, then the infection must be treated.  After the treatment, they should get back to normal.  However, if the swelling doesn’t seem to get better, the cause must be something different and you must see your doctor.

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