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Creative Dining Washington DC

Creative Dining Washington DC

Washington D.C. is known for its history and its landmarks, but it is also known to its citizens as a city full of unique and quality restaurants. These establishments offer food at a variety of price points and a range of styles, from local to international, from casual to extravagant. The best of these restaurants strive to offer more than food, using atmosphere and presentation to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.


The Mediterranean Sea was, historically, the single most important trade route in Europe, and cultures that sprouted along its shores benefited from the freely flowing stream of ideas and ingredients. The cuisines of Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and many other nations were shaped by abundance and creativity, forces which gave rise to what are still some of the most important dishes enjoyed today. Ambar captures the rustic charm that pervaded the Mediterranean in days when pizza and pita bread were still young inventions, and takes customers back to the days of Troy. Fig & Olive Washington DC celebrates the one ingredient at the heart of Greece: olive oil. Different flavors of olive oil are used to make every dish its own unique world of flavor.


Asian food has become wildly popular in the West, and sushi bars and Chinese take-out are common across America. Those looking for a slightly more upscale, and slightly more authentic, Asian experience will be delighted by the selection that the capital has to offer. Thai X-ing, on top of its delicious Thai food, also offers a one-of-a-kind environment designed to give customers the experience of eating in a Thai home rather than at a restaurant. Daikaya’s Ramen Shop does indeed sell ramen on the first floor, but on the floor above is a full-scale, authentic Japanese restaurant.


Sometimes fun can be better than fancy, and no place delivers on the fun like H Street Country Club. This popular Mexican restaurant comes equipped with skeeball, mini golf, shuffleboard, and, of course, a margarita maker. Ben’s Chili Bowl is as casual as it gets, offering chili dogs, milkshakes, and the like, but the location’s staggering popularity over the past five decades pays homage to just how great such simple fare can be. Busboys and Poets is an experiment of an establishment which combines restaurant, bookstore, lounge, and theater. The business makes a habit of hosting live music and a variety of events and has a menu offering many kinds of international dishes.


CoCo Sala offers a fair selection of meals and drinks, but what it is really known for are its incredible desserts. Minibar by Jose Andres offers up truly creative cuisine, mixing science, cooking, and art and coming up with something else entirely. Popular dishes include the edible rubber ducky and the black garlic leaves, which are served in a genuine piece of rain gutter. Rose’s Luxury serves tapas and desserts of exceedingly high quality, attracting lines of eager customers every night due to the fact that it does not take reservations.…

How Being Obese Can Prove Detrimental to Your Health

How Being Obese Can Prove Detrimental to Your Health

To call obesity a widespread problem in the United States would an understatement. Over one third of American adults are considered obese, with a whopping 74 percent of U.S. males qualifying as overweight or obese. Not surprisingly, obesity can prove highly detrimental to one’s self-esteem and contribute to deep-seated body image issues. However, the negative effects of obesity aren’t purely psychological. As you’ll find, obesity also stands to compromise one’s physical health in a variety of manners.    

Joint Discomfort

Joint discomfort is common in obese individuals of all ages. Because of the excessive stress obesity places on one’s joints, extreme discomfort and outright pain are all-too-common results. This can make physical activity particularly strenuous for overweight and obese individuals, ultimately causing many of them to limit the amount of exercise they engage in. This can prove highly detrimental to losing weight, as shedding extra pounds generally entails a steady dose of physical fitness. If obesity has severely limited your movement, get in touch with Well Beginnings, the foremost authority on Lap Band Houston, to learn more about your options. 

Increased Cancer Risk

Overweight and obese individuals are often at an increased risk for certain types of cancers. For example, obese men are at a much higher risk for developing cancers of the color and prostrate than men who maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, obese women are at an increased risk for cancers of the colon, breasts, uterus and gallbladder. Since many of these cancers can be incredibly painful and costly to treat, it’s in the best interest of all overweight and obese individuals to look into manageable weight-loss options.    

High Blood Pressure

The fatty tissue in your body requires a fair amount of oxygen and nutrients, thus requiring your blood vessels to circulate more blood to the aforementioned tissue. As a result, your heart has to work harder, since it’s now pumping more blood through more vessels. This, in turn, results in additional pressure being put on your artery walls, which can elevate your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Elevated blood pressure is commonly associated with heart attack, stroke and a number of other potentially fatal ailments.  

Many Americans are familiar with the psychological scars obesity can leave, but not enough of us are well-versed in the many ways it stands to impact physical health. In the interest of avoiding joint pain, decreasing your risk of certain cancers and keeping your blood pressure at healthy levels, don’t hesitate to look into viable weight-loss options.   

Quitting Smoking and Gaining Weight?

Quitting Smoking and Gaining Weight?

Technology may have the answer…

In recent years the number of cigarette smokers has dropped considerably. Although the habit still keeps the top spot as the number 1 cause of preventable death worldwide, cigarette smoking continues to be a colossal public health challenge for governments the world over. Most developed countries have been successful in lowering the percentage of smokers within their populations to around 10%, but that 10% is stubborn.

There are many challenges to individuals who are attempting to kick their dirty habit, apart from the severe cravings experienced by ex-smokers due to the addictive nature of nicotine, there are other considerations. A rapid increase in weight gain has always been a hallmark of those giving up cold turkey.

Recent research may hold the key to those who have been put off giving up the cigarettes in fear of excessive weight gain.  A recent study published by Kings College London has indicated that vaping  or the use of E-Cigarettes may be successful in getting individuals off cigarettes without the weight gain side effects.

E-Cigarettes have been around since 2003 and the number of users has increased exponentially since then. Currently it is believed there is 6.3 million E-cigarette users in the UK alone. Vaping devices are simple in their function – a heated coil vaporises a nicotine eJuice which produces a vapour which is then inhaled and exhaled by the user. The team at Kings college London explained that because the user is still receiving their nicotine that persons appetite remains suppressed just as it would if they were smoking cigarettes. They go on to say that current evidence would suggest that vaping is about 95% safer than cigarette smoking.

The jury is still largely out on the efficacy of this new technology but evidence is growing and suggests this may hold the key for many who are looking to quit for good…

TruVision: Keeping Your Health and Fitness

TruVision: Keeping Your Health and Fitness

What can you plan in losing weight effectively and efficiently? You shall consider TruVision as one of finest plans in your life, today. Obesity is one contributor to different kinds of diseases. You shall find heart attack, high cholesterol, kidney failure, and even diabetes terrifying for modern individuals. In essence, there are various factors to affect overweight like eating behavior and insufficient sleeping pattern. In the same line, stress may also contribute to eager eating. Under this situation, it might be helpful to adjust where you get the best diet assistance.

There should be definite belief on trusted supplement to consume. Truvision Weight Loss is a good idea to manage your own living. Perhaps, you can adjust the way you eat and exercise. At minimum, you have lists of foods and beverages for daily menu. This option shall help you to determine how much calorie, fat, and protein taken by the body. Surely, diet mechanism shall be functional in keeping your life healthy.

Truvision for Better Diet and Health

The danger of obesity is obvious. As you are obese, you shall not be able to move effectively. In fact, this condition shall endanger your physical because sweat is not able to remove poisons. Under this situation, you have to control your eating behavior. TruVision Health is necessary in helping individuals reducing the accumulation of fats in the body. You can find this as a program for fat reduction. Or, it is a good way to maintain your balanced weight. Any program you involve in, there should be sufficient control of your physical.

The expectation is definite. As you are obese, you need to get a diet program. This action shall banish fats and unhealthy elements in your body. You can consult with trusted dietician to meet the goal. Finally, through proper and reliable supplement, you will have proper physical performance.…